Less than a month until the primary election!

All nine candidates vetted by Ottawa Impact PAC are endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan PAC.

It is the policy of Right to Life to endorse incumbent county commissioners. This was evidenced by vetted candidates having their scheduled interviews canceled by Right to Life in the districts that had previously endorsed commissioners.

However, incumbent county commissioners LOST their Right to Life endorsements.

This was because Right to Life read the Pro-Life Protection Assessment for Ottawa County, which explained actions taken by Ottawa County under the leadership of the incumbent Republican commissioners:

  • Alignment with progressive organizations which promote abortion and “reproductive justice”
  • Promotion of pro-abortion organizations such as Planned Parenthood
  • Promotion of radical content on early childhood sexuality and Comprehensive Sexuality Education in schools (see report here)

Vote for new leaders for liberty on August 2, 2022!

Learn about the nine vetted candidates and view their websites at the button below. Locate your vetted candidate with a simple address search.