The mission of Ottawa Impact PAC is to elect leaders in Ottawa County who align with and sign the Contract with Ottawa.

The PAC will accomplish its mission by finding, vetting, endorsing, and funding new, bold leaders who are willing to represent their community and stand for liberty to prevent government overreach. Together we can restore trust between county leadership and the people.

We are in a long-term problem, and we need a long-term solution.

Ottawa County needs leaders who will govern in a way that is guided by the Constitution and common sense. We live in a Constitutional Republic, where one unelected Health Director should not make decisions for 300,000 Ottawa County residents.

Parents know best how to raise and care for their children, and are given the “natural” right to these responsibilities by God, protected by the 1st and 14th Amendments.

Civic engagement, ground up, is critical to preserve a healthy, moral society. We are excited to see more engaged parents and citizens than ever before!

Ottawa Impact PAC is dedicated to preserving the heritage of Ottawa County and protecting individual rights. We support men and women who are capable of inspiring people of all backgrounds to face the challenges of the future.

Move the needle where you can — in your local community!

Join thousands of parents and citizens in Ottawa County who are fighting for freedom & parental rights. We would love to meet you at an upcoming event! Sign up to stay informed on meetings, updates, and action needed in our County.

We are a team!

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Govern with the Least Force; Promote Due Process

Live Freer, More Prosperous Lives

Preserve and Protect Future Generations