Ottawa County loves freedom!

Ottawa Impact was built by the efforts of moms and dads, grandparents, hard working Americans, and business owners, who simply desired to have individual freedoms, parental rights, and American values protected in our county.

Our current county commissioners refused to listen and act in defense of these issues— core values to our people and to the Republican Party platform. When elected officials refuse to listen to the people and protect constitutional freedoms, they must be replaced.

The people of Ottawa County have worked tirelessly towards this day. The people have spoken, and overwhelmingly voted to replace those who ignored their freedoms, their parental rights, and their values.

Ottawa Impact-Aligned County Commissioner Candidates – Republican Primary 2022

District 1Gretchen CosbyDemocrat opponent in November 2022
District 2Lucy EbelDemocrat opponent in November 2022
District 3
District 4Jacob BonnemaSeated January 2023
District 5Joe MossSeated January 2023
District 6Kyle TerpstraSeated January 2023
District 7Rebekah CurranSeated January 2023
District 8Sylvia RhodeaSeated January 2023
District 9Roger BelknapSeated January 2023
District 10Jenni Shepherd-KelleySee below
District 11Allison MiedemaSeated January 2023

Jenni Shepherd-Kelley fought a valiant race in District 10 and worked to inform and activate her community in the Tri-Cities area. We have tremendous respect for her passion and conviction to defend her district. She lost by 618 votes in a heavy crossover area to progressive incumbent candidate Roger Bergman.

We are thankful for the support and efforts of thousands across Ottawa County. We welcome the voices of parents and courageous individuals as we work to restore freedom, parental rights, and American values in Ottawa County.

For Freedom & Family,

Joe Moss and Sylvia Rhodea
Ottawa Impact PAC