Citizen-Led Accountability

We created Precall to give the people of Ottawa County a voice to defend individual rights and defeat government overreach.

Precall is simple. Elected officials who fail to defend people’s rights should be removed from office immediately.

Election cycles are 2, 4, or 6 years. We The People should not have to wait years to voice disapproval at the polls when elected representatives refuse to serve and protect the people.

Precall helps voters by holding elected officials accountable between elections.

The Ottawa Precall was launched because:

  • Unelected staff members at the local health department acted like rulers with unlimited power to issue mandates and threaten punishment during the government response to Covid-19. Click here to read the details.
  • Elected commissioners, charged with oversight of these unelected staff members, refuse to curb government overreach.
  • On August 24, 2021, the elected commissioners voted to give an additional $2,179,153 to the overreaching health department instead of holding them accountable or firing the health officer.
  • The people of Ottawa County saw firsthand what an unaccountable local government is capable of doing.

Despite months of advocacy from parents, citizens, and the Ottawa Republican Party, the local health department refused to listen to the people. School boards proceeded with harsh adherence to promulgated rules and regulations, in some cases mistreating or firing staff/bus drivers for exercising individual rights.

Community Involvement

If a precall is successful in a district, citizens will be told when and where to sign on paper at a Community Signing Event.

Many precalls require approximately 2,000 to 5,000 interested people in a district.

After this threshold is reached, the people in that district can work together using Unified Political Action to hold their elected officials accountable.

For a formal recall to be successful, a certain number of signatures must be collected (on paper).


In 2021, Ottawa Impact PAC determined that Ottawa County needed long-term solutions, including replacing incumbent county commissioners.

That is why Ottawa Impact PAC vetted and endorsed nine candidates running for the Board of Commissioners. Eight of those candidates won their primary elections, effectively flipping the board and replacing milquetoast elected officials with bold, vetted, freedom-loving public servants ready to work for the people.

Endorsed candidates signed the Contract with Ottawa.